How to Dress Like a Korean Pop Idol

All South Korean girls, unfailingly, possess three character traits: envious flawless hair, love of all things cute, and an impeccable fashion sense.

Walking in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is like walking through a fashion show—every girl you see exudes a high-level of confidence in her style, whether it be cute, sassy, punk, or something else altogether. And she deserves that confidence. Seoul is a fashion-driven city, and one of the top reign-holders of style is the group of girls who all hold the title “Pop Idol”.

Here is your own personal guide, from the bottom-up, to the keen fashion sense of one of the Queens of the Fashion World, the Korean Pop Idol.

A Fabulous Pair of Footwear

Shoes are there for two purposes—to make a statement and to pull-together an entire outfit.

They are the best part of your wardrobe to show off your personality and style. Let your shim-bal (Korean for shoes) shine as bright as the real you.

On a side note, don’t neglect comfort for style. Korean pop idols love their fashion, but they also like to perform and walk with relative ease. A truly perfect shoe is a comfy shoe.

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Over-the-Knee Knee Socks

They come in colors to match any outfit, and they add an extra bit of cute to miniskirts or shorts. They also make your shorter bottom-wear functional during cool autumn weather.

So make your lower summer-wear multi-seasonal! Invest in some colorful pairs that match your wardrobe.

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Shorts or Miniskirt

The miniskirt is quite a popular item in South Korea, probably because of the trend to pair it with long, cute socks. Shorts are also worn often, predictably for the same reason.

Nothing scandalously short—even pop idols can be modest. Just short enough to let the world know that your color-coordinated socks are indeed fabulous socks, not just stockings.

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Shoe-Matching Fashion Belt

Like your shoes, your belt serves two purposes—to also make a statement, and to complement what you are wearing on your feet.

A belt should not just fit snugly around your waist; it should be an outstanding part of your overall appearance. But remember—a belt is still an accessory. Let it be bold, without consuming the rest of your outfit. And always double-check that your hips are working with your feet.

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Simple and Cute on Top

Whether you are in the mood for long sleeves, cuffed sleeves, cap sleeves, or no sleeves at all, keep it simple and cute.

A Korean pop idol’s top is stylish while being easy. She can move about freely in it, while looking stunning. Effortlessly fabulous.

The only unbreakable rule is no matter what style of top, make sure that “cute” is in the description.

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Accessories, Accessories Everywhere


It has been said that accessories can make or break an outfit. For a pop idol, the most accessories you can have while still being cutely tasteful, is the only way to go.

Decorate your outfit with cute bracelets, a bold necklace, a pair of eye-catching earrings, a scarf, if the weather calls for it, and something to wear in or over your hair.

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As a final note, just remember the Pop Idol’s motto: Be cute and be yourself!

– Sally J. Leist

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Author: Miss Moxie

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